The Floral Art Society of Queensland 2017

Program of Events &
Bench Work Schedule

Meetings are held at the Brisbane Botanic Gardens, Mount Cootha Auditorium

Morning Tea at 9.30am for 10am meeting start.


February 27

Meeting – Demonstration by Heather Prior & Eleanor Lydon
- Symmetrical / Asymmetrical.

Interpretive for All Classes: Hot Number
Advanced: Free Expression
Open & Intermediate & Novice: Basic Modern

Judge: Beryl Robertson

March 27

Annual General Meeting

Meeting – all members Workshop by Heather Prior & Eleanor Lydon
- Symmetrical / Asymmetrical.

Interpretive for All Classes: Conversation
Advanced: Horizontal, not massed
Open & Intermediate & Novice: Complimentary Colour Harmony

Judge: Helen Murray

April 24

Fashion Parade

Meeting – all members Fashion Parade by Portofino
– Parade of all benched exhibits

Interpretive for All Classes: Wearable Art
Advanced & Open: Mon Chapeau (wearable hat)
Intermediate & Novice: Fascinator

Judge: Robyn Jones

May 22

Meeting – all members Members
- Interpretive Designs to be Constructed on the Staging Bench (not pre-constructed)

Interpretive for All Classes: Autumn Splendor (to be constructed on the staging bench)
Advanced: New Convention (pre-constructed as usual)
Floral Art Society Queensland – Schedule 2017
Open & Intermediate & Novice: Horizontal Line – Traditional not massed (pre-constructed as usual)

Judge: Margaret Ferris

June 26

Friendship Day

Meeting - Demonstration by Francesca Petherbridge
- Floral Designer, “Francesca’s Florist”, Paddington.

Interpretive for All Classes: Femininity
Advanced: Decorative European Design
Open & Intermediate & Novice: Layered Design, may be vertical or horizontal

Judge: Sue Fingleton

July 24

Meeting – all members Workshop by Irene McIndoe
- Textural Contrasts within Metal Rings - structure to be incorporated within design.

Interpretive for All Classes: A Touch of Frost
Advanced: Analogous Colour in a contemporary design
Open & Intermediate & Novice: New Convention

Judge: Judith Little

August 28

Meeting – Workshop by all members
– Practice for the Convention – Interpretive Designs to be Constructed on the Staging Bench (some pre-construction allowed)

Interpretive for All Classes: Angled for Effect (to be constructed on the Staging Bench - some pre-construction allowed)
Advanced: Formal Linear (pre-constructed as usual)
Open & Intermediate & Novice: Decorative European Design (pre-constructed as usual)

Judge: Margaret Morrow 

September 18

(one week early)

Meeting – Carol Drew will demonstrate basic staging of designs from the 60s through to the contemporary now

Interpretive for All Classes: Spring Fling
Advanced: Layered Design – Structural Design
Floral Art Society Queensland – Schedule 2017
Open & Intermediate & Novice: Formal Linear

Judge: Herta Vasiloudis 

October 17-20

Meeting - Convention – “Costa del Sol”

Location: “Surf Air” Marcoola Beach with accommodation at Ramada Hotel & Conference Centre, Marcoola Beach

International Demonstrator from Spain - Alex Segura Arana.

November 27

Christmas Party

Secret Santa Gift

Meeting – Christmas Party & Award Presentation

Interpretive for All Classes: Christmas Wreath

Bring a “Secret Santa Gift”

Judge: Critique only

When considering the titles for 2017 bench work please consult and consider your AFAA Manual, Dictionary and/or other reference material.

Interpretative: Is for all Classes and is your own interpretation of the title.

Advanced Class: Judges and successful exhibitors having won 1st prizes over a number of years. 

Open Class: Good knowledge and understanding of Principles and Elements of Design having shown successfully in intermediate section and won prizes.

Intermediate Class: Some knowledge and understanding of rules in AFAA manual and having won awards in Novice or equivalent

Novice Class: New exhibitor just learning basic skills of Floral Art

Button Judging – Buttons – You be the Judge!

This year there will be an extra judge for the bench work. That judge is you!

Each month when you sign in, you will be offered a button.  Take the button and put it into the container in front of the design, in any section of the bench work, which you think best encapsulates the Principles and/or Elements of Design highlighted in the program for that month (you may need to consult your AFAA Manual).      

At the conclusion of the judge's critique of the bench work the steward will announce the Button Winner!  Simply the greatest number of buttons.  Was your button one of them? 

This will not add to the overall points for the year, rather a fun way for all of us to hone our P & E's of Floral Design.

Your Committee hopes you enjoy your year of designing with flowers.

Calculation of Points

1st - 3 points
2nd - 2 points
Plus 1 point allocated for each entry benched






February 27th

Fay Ruffles

Lynda Reynolds

March 27th

Irene Corbett

Irene Corbett

April 24th

Fashion Show

Veronica Loft

Dale Gurney

May 22nd

Pat Killoran

Pat Killoran

June 26th

Friendship Day

Alexia Loader

Margaret Spiller

Bing Lobley

Marilena Stanton

Robyn Edwards

July 24th

Heather King

Cathy Scheiwe

June Mc Cleery

August 28th

Elaine Olm

Daphne Muhling

September 18th

June White

Fay Stutt


Convention 17th, 18th, 19th & 20th

No Meeting on 23rd

No Meeting

No Meeting

November 27th

Xmas Party

Julie Lumsdale

Dell & all others