The Floral Art Society of Queensland Inc. 2021
Program of Events & Bench Work Schedule

Meetings are held at the Brisbane Botanic Gardens, Mount Coot-tha Auditorium
Morning Tea at 9.30am for 10am meeting start.
Judging commences at 9.45am; please see Chief Steward Jo Loader to collect exhibitor’s ticket/s prior to staging.
Note: Do not attend if you have COVID-19 symptoms; stay at home if unwell or have a cough, fever, sore throat, fatigue or shortness of breath, have been overseas or in a Covid Hotspot in the last 14 days, or have been in close contact with a confirmed case.

February 22nd

Mark Pampling


Note: ($7 for Members

/ $10 for visitors)



New Member

Application Form

Meeting – Demonstration by Mark Pampling Interpretive for All Classes: Naturalistic Advanced: Underwater Design – Manual p. 54

Open, Intermediate & Novice: Pot et Fleur –

Manual p. 43

Judge: Beverly Young

Numbers limited due to COVID restrictions (preference given to members) please RSVP by Wednesday 17th Feb to secure your place: or Heather 0412 735 483

March 22nd

Annual General




Followed by Judges Sub- Committee Meeting

Meeting – Demonstration by Elizabeth O’Sullivan Interpretive for All Classes: Some Like it Hot Advanced: Basic Modern - No colour (achromatic) –

Manual p. 48 (Basic Modern) & p. 18 (Achromatic)

Open, Intermediate & Novice: Pavι – Manual p. 63

Judge: Sue Fingleton

April 19th

Meeting – Demonstration by Fiona Leman and

Valerie Decker – Designs without use of Floral Foam Interpretive for All Classes: Lest We Forget Advanced: Modern Mass – Manual p. 51

Open, Intermediate & Novice: Basic Modern - No colour (Achromatic) – Manual p. 48 (Basic Modern)

& 18 (Achromatic) Judge: Heather Prior


May 24th



Followed by Judges Sub- Committee Meeting

Meeting – Workshop / Demonstration by Judith

Little – Types of Balance in a Design

Interpretive for All Classes: Any Design – Foam Free

/ No Floral Foam

Advanced: Sculptural Abstract – Manual p. 47

Open, Intermediate & Novice: Modern Mass –

Manual p. 51

Judge: Glenda Pradella

June 28th

Friendship Day –

Celebrating 50 Years!

Bring some Friends


Bring a plate of food to share for a light lunch


Followed by Judges Sub- Committee Meeting

Meeting – Guest Demonstrator: Mikiko Inoue from

Kent Florist, Paddington

Interpretive for All Classes: Celebrating 50 Years of


Advanced: Creative Mass with a Touch of Gold –

Manual p. 49

Open, Intermediate & Novice: Sculptural Abstract –

Manual p. 47

Judge: Judith Little

July 26th


9.30am M’Tea

9.45am Judging & Critique




12.30-2pm W’Shop

Meeting – Demonstration Workshop by special

guest Alethia Quick from Adelaide “Italian Design

- Stacking and More”

Requirements CLICK HERE

NOTE: As this is part of the FASQ educational program, there will be no extra cost in addition to the standard $7 meeting fee for current members to attend this workshop. HOWEVER: Attendees will need to be or become a member of FASQ to

be eligible to attend this workshop ($25 Indiv / $35 Couple

Annual Membership Fee). Membership Form CLICK HERE Interpretive for All Classes: Winter Wonderland Advanced: Italian Influence Design –Manual p. 65 -


Open, Intermediate & Novice: Creative Mass –

Manual p. 49

Judge: Beryl Robertson


August 23rd


Followed by Judges Sub- Committee Meeting

Meeting - Impoon Colour followed by a critique Note: all requirements supplied for the Imposι Interpretive for All Classes: Kitchen Capers Advanced: Asymmetrical in Foliage – Manual p. 13

Open, Intermediate & Novice: Still Life (Modern) –

Manual p. 52

Judge: Janelle Petrie

September 27th

Meeting – Demonstration / Workshop TBA Interpretive for All Classes: Spring Fever Advanced: Traditional Formal Mass (Frontal) –

Manual p. 39

Open, Intermediate & Novice: Asymmetrical in

Foliage – Manual p. 13

Judge: Margaret Morrow

October 2nd & 3rd

Fri 1st set up day

OPEN SHOW – Combined FASQ & Qld Rose Society

Schedule to be advised

October 25th



Followed by Judges Sub- Committee Meeting

Meeting –Demonstration / Workshop TBA Interpretive for All Classes: Outside the Container Advanced: Contemporary Bouquet – Manual p. 81

Open, Intermediate & Novice: Traditional Formal

Mass (Frontal) – Manual p. 39

Judge: Elizabeth O’Sullivan

November 8th – 11th

AFAA National Convention hosted by NSW Floral

Art Association Inc.

Mittagong, NSW Southern Highlands

November 22nd

Christmas Party



Bring a Secret Santa Gift

(Minimum $10 cost)

Meeting - Christmas Party & Awards Presentation

Interpretive for All Classes: Decoration for a

Christmas Tree

Judge: (Critique only): Lyndell Vanzanden

Bring a Secret Santa Gift (Minimum $10 cost)





See below for an explanation of each “Class”. It is recommended that members remain in the same Class for the entire year. This way, members are likely to accumulate more points for the year.

Interpretative: This is for all Classes and is your own interpretation of the title.


Advanced Class: Judges and successful exhibitors having won first prizes over a number of years.

Open Class: Good knowledge and understanding of Principles and Elements of

Design having shown successfully in Intermediate section and won prizes.


Intermediate Class: Some knowledge and understanding of rules in AFAA manual and having won awards in Novice or equivalent

Novice Class: New exhibitor just learning basic skills of Floral Art


Calculation of Points


1st           3 points

2nd         2 points

Plus      1 point allocated for each entry benched




Please note for your diaries




February 22nd

Marilena Stanton

March 22nd

Daphne Muhling

April 19th

June McCleery